What we believe:

Knox Church, as part of the Presbyterian Church in Canada, confesses its faith in the words of the seventeenth-century Westminster Confession of Faith, and in the more recent Living Faith. In essence, we believe what most Christians at most times have believed, though with a specific Reformed nuance:

God comes first! God is holy, sovereign, and loving. In love, God created this world. Thus to God we belong. An old Presbyterian catechism says that our chief human purpose ‘to glorify God and enjoy Him forever’. All of life is lived before the face of God.

God is triune! God is far above us, yet hasn’t left us to live life alone; he gives us His Son Jesus on which to build our life, as well as His Holy Spirit as guide

God loves us! God seeks and saves us through Jesus, who lived as we ought to live, died for our sins, was raised from death in triumph, and now invites us to trust him, and partner with him as his disciples, worshipers, and witnesses

We’re people of the Book! God speaks to our lives in numerous ways, key among them being the preaching of the Bible, and the sacraments of Baptism and the Lord’s Supper.

We’re called into community! Though faith is personal, the Christian doen’t live in isolation. We’re called together as the church to show the world, even if imperfectly, what a forgiven, alive-to-God people looks like.

We’re called to change! As the disciples of Jesus, we’re called and equipped by the Spirit to become like him, living in morally compelling ways, modeling both personal integrity and social justice.

We’re part of a bigger purpose! God’s mission, centered on Jesus, is good news for the world, for we believe that God will one day defeat all sin, and establish his kingdom.