Our Global Mission Involvement

Knox is committed to the national and international mission work of the Presbyterian Church in Canada. To that end, in 2018 our goal was to give at least $33,000 to Presbyterians Sharing, the denomination’s budget. That budget supports such things as hospital and university chaplains in Canada, building new congregations, supporting Aboriginal ministry in Canada, translating the Bible into different languages abroad, and sending mission personnel as theological teachers or medical doctors to the developing world.

See the video produced byt he Presbyterian Church in Canada entilted "Your Gifts in Action". (2017)" (93 mb)

In addition, Knox supports the global ministry of Presbyterian World Service and Development [PWS&D]. PWS&D does two things: long-term development in the Third World, whether village wells in Ethiopia, agricultural development in India, or child and maternal health in Malawi. PWS&D also responds immediately to world emergencies, usually working cooperatively with other church agencies. You will often find on our website, a specific appeal to support PWS&D projects.

This Sunday we will be hosting a Mission dinner having Dr. Nicholaus (Nick) and Rebecca (Becky) Bauman speak about thier work.

Presbyterians Sharing supports Dr. Nicholaus (Nick) and Rebecca (Becky) Bauman as they serve a  two‐year appointment with the United Mission to Nepal.    Nick serves as a General Surgeon at the United Mission Hospital Tansen (UMHT) which was first  established in 1954. His responsibilities include providing surgical services and teaching postgraduate residents in the Medical Doctorate in
General Practice. In 2015/16, the hospital met the  needs of over 98,000 people in Western Nepal and nearby North India.     Becky is an Occupational Therapist who believes that mission is all about relationship.
When not pending time with her three young children, she is looking to build relationships with the people  around her and helping where there is a need.      Mission has always played an important role in the Baumans’ lives. Nick shares, “My  faith community has always stressed the importance of mission,   particularly the sense that our lives are not our own, but are gifts, and that  we are entrusted by God to be stewards of this gift.”     Although the Baumans  attend St. Paul’s United Church in Orillia, they  are connected to St. Mark’s and St. Andrew’s Presbyterian churches in  Orillia. Nick and Becky have three children: Silas, Selema and Freda.