How we organize ourselves:

Knox Church is part of the Presbyterian Church in Canada, whose roots lie in the sixteenth-century Reformation, especially in Scotland, whose key Reformation leader was John Knox. That said, the way in which our church is governed links us to John Calvin, the great Genevan Reformer who was a mentor to Knox. Noting that New Testament congregations were led by groups of elders [presbuteroi in Greek]], Calvin developed a Presbyterian polity that our congregation embodies: elders elected by the congregation overseeing its life. Known collectively as the Session, the elders delegate much of their work to five Session committees - Worship, Discipleship, Mission, Fellowship, and Management.

In Presbyterian polity, congregations connect geographically to others in a presbytery. Knox is part of the Presbytery of Niagara. Local presbyteries in turn are linked nationally to the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church in Canada, which sets national goals, budgets, and doctrine