What is Mission?

The word mission refers first of all to what God is doing in our world. God’s mission can be summed up like this: God loves the world he made, and seeks to undo at all levels the havoc that sin has created in his world. To do that, God sent Jesus to break sin’s power; that’s what his ministry and death were all about. He died to redeem us from sin’s power, and rose to release God’s renewing power so that all can be restored. God’s mission will lead finally to the coming in fullness of God’s kingdom, initiated by Jesus.

As an agent of God’s mission, the church does two things. First, in its life, the church [and thus Knox] seeks to embody and express God’s transforming power. That is: before we do missional ‘things’, we try to live as a missional community, a community that God is transforming, and which is being blessed by God so that it can bless others. Mission is thus about who we are. But secondly it is then about what we do for others.